April 7, 2010

Roasted Rack of Lamb with Parsley, Dijon and Chives

Lamb racks are just absolutely delicious. I found a great way to cook them in Relaxed Cooking with Curtis Stone, where the delicate pink flesh of a perfectly cooked rack shines against a lovely green herb crust - and it tastes just as amazing as it looks!

Serves 4:
- Two 1kg racks of lamb, well trimmed
- Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper
- 2 tbs extra-virgin olive oil
- ½ cup finely chopped fresh flat-leaf parsley
- ½ cup finely chopped fresh chives
- 3 tbs Dijon mustard

Preheat oven to 230°C. Place a large heavy frying pan over high heat. Sprinkle the lamb with salt and pepper. 

Drizzle 1 tbs of the oil into the hot pan and place 1 lamb rack in the pan, meat side down. Sear for about 2 minutes per side, or until golden brown on both sides. Transfer the lamb rack to a non-stick baking tray, meat side up. Repeat with the second lamb rack.

When both racks have been browned, transfer the baking tray to the oven and roast the lamb for 15 minutes, or until a meat thermometer inserted into the center of one end registers 55°C for medium-rare. Transfer the lamb to a platter to rest for 10 minutes.

Sprinkle the parsley and chives evenly over a plate. Spread the Dijon mustard over the meat side of the lamb racks and then press the mustard-coated side of the lamb firmly into the herbs, creating a green herb crust.

Carve the lamb between the bones into individual chops. Place the chops on 4 serving plates, drizzle with the remaining 1 tbs oil and any accumulated juices from the lamb and the pan, and serve.

Roasted Rack of Lamb with Parsley, Dijon and Chives, served with a Desiree and Sweet Potato Mash

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