February 24, 2010


569 Chapel Street,
South Yarra, VIC 3141
(03) 9827 4379
Food: Japanese
Website: www.kanpai.com.au
Date visited: 1st January 2010

One of the few places I know of that serves straight Japanese food, with a kitchen that is open until midnight everyday is  Kanpai. Not only are the dishes set at a fair price, but all the classics can be found to satisfy those cravings - Agedashi Tofu, Yakitori, Teppanyaki (not the real deal, but close enough), Tempura Udon, Unagi Don and so on. I must admit, the only times I've dined here are when I finish work early enough (before 11:30pm) to make the trip to South Yarra for a quick Japanese hunger fix. Otherwise, I don't think it is really worth the trip during normal hours of the day for a meal, unless I'm already on the street. Here's what we ate on our  most previous visit:

Tako Su - a refreshing salad of sliced octopus with a zesty soy dressing

Assorted Tempura - heavily battered onions, green beans, sweet potato and calamari

Tori Kenchin - stuffed chicken wings

Beef Curry Bento Box

Yose Nabe - great for hearty soup lovers; a hot-pot of seafood and vegetables

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