January 12, 2010

Sorrento - Fish Fetish, The Continental Hotel

Whew! How's everybody holding up through the heatwave?! Hope you are all staying hydrated and slip, slop slapping! Keeping in our prayers, the CFA firefighters and volunteers who are out there battling every fire blazing around Australia, especially in Victoria; their bravery and compassion are greatly admired. Visit the CFA website for fire updates and information.

Yesterday, we drove along the Mornington Peninsula, to Sorrento, for a day of enjoyment at the beach, splashing about in the sea while soaking up our daily dose of Vitamin D under the glorious rays of the sun.

Fish Fetish
Shop 2/27 Ocean Beach Road,
Sorrento, VIC 3943
(03) 5984 1479
Food: Fish and Chips
Date visited: 10th January 2010

First stop, of course, was lunch! :) About a minute's drive from the back beach, Fish Fetish serves fresh and delicious fish and chips at great prices. For $25, we got the Fisherman's Basket for Two, which includes 2 x Fish Of The Day (Blue Grenadier), 2 x Calamari Rings, 2 x Prawns, 2 x Scallops and Chips with 4 sachets of Tartare Sauce.

We enjoyed our delicious catch of fish and chips on the beach, which turned out to be a great challenge with a huge flock of seagulls zoning in on us at all angles!

Fisherman's Basket for Two - Even though the batter was thick, it still managed be very crispy and full of flavour with fresh and juicy seafood inside - a great combination! The chips were nicely chunky... and addictive too!

Delicate, sweet, succulent and moist flesh of the flakey Blue Grenadier

The Continental Hotel
1-21 Ocean Beach Road,
Sorrento, VIC 3942
(03) 5984 2201
Food: Breakfast, Cafe, Modern Australian, Meditteranean and Asian

After hours of sun bathing and jumping ferocious waves as the tide swept in, it was time to fuel up our hungry stomachs! This time, at The Continental Hotel, which interestingly multi-functions as a Backpacker Hotel, weekly Nite Club, Caterer, Function Room and Restaurant.

The food served here has great Mediterranean and Asian influence, with options ranging from Grilled Sicilian Lamb, to Spanish-style Paella and Roast Pumpkin Thai Curry. Presentation is colouful and eye-catching but doesn't satisfy the tastebuds enough to want to return for a second visit.

Saganaki with Grilled Artichoke, Preserved Lemon and a Rocket Salad

Can't go wrong with a refreshing salad served alongside golden brown, salty cheese and tangy lemon.

Paella Valencia with Chorizo, Prawns, Scallops, Chicken and Mussels, finished with Saffron, Burnt Lemon and Herbs 

The rice was very soggy and extremely filling with the seafood mushed about inside. The mussels (after being cooked) were the tiniest I've come across!

Pan-seared Canadian Scallops on Spinach Cake and Sweet Potato Ginger Puree, garnished with Salmon Tempura Nori Rounds

As the special  of the day, we were very excited to try this dish, eyeing it off the tables of other diners who had ordered it. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a great disappointment :( The scallops were strangely squishy (best word I can think of to describe the texture) and bland. If I really had to decide, the tempura garnish would have to be the best part.

Mesmerised by the brilliant, crimson hues along the horizon.

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