December 10, 2009


Level 3, Crown Towers Hotel,
8 Whiteman Street,
Southbank, VIC 3006
(03) 9292 6886
Food: Japanese, Teppanyaki, Sake Bar, Sushi Bar
Date visited: 22nd November 2008

Koko was the chioice for a memorable dinner with professional, efficient service and superb food. With its teppanyaki and a la carte tables, sake bar, sushi bar and tatami and teppanyaki rooms, Koko beautifully overlooks the Yarra River and city skyline. It also features a charming Japanese water garden in the a la carte section, and decor that fuses traditional Japanese with contemporary design. 

We dined in the teppanyaki area, where an expert chef happily barbecued our food to perfection infront of us. Every element in the "Mori" Teppanyaki Set that we ordered was just divine and well worth the dining experience. Our menu for the night:

Zenzai - Three daily specials of prawn with lemon, oyster shooter and braised pork belly
Sashimi of the day - Sliced, fresh raw tuna, salmon and whitefish
Dobin Mushi - Dashi consomme with seafood, chicken and mushroom in a traditional clay teapot
Alaskan Crab Claw Tempura
Prawns, salmon, scallops
Australian Wagyu beef tenderloin
Sauteed beanshoots, assorted mushrooms
Fried rice
Trio of Ice Cream - Green tea, red bean and vanilla

Prawn with Lemon; Oyster Shooter; Braised Pork Belly

Fresh Salmon, Tuna and Whitefish with Sushi and House-pickled Ginger - The ginger was much more pleasant tasting than the pungent, artificially pink-coloured ones that are served in most other Japanese restaurants.

Alaskan Crab Claw and Asparagus Tempura

Dashi Consomme with Seafood, Chicken and Mushroom in a Clay Teapot

I was in sublime delight as we devoured this traditional Japanese soup. It was so delicate, with the perfect combination of  the slight burnt flavor from the dashi stock being cooked in the clay teapot, the earthiness from the mushrooms, and the citrusy tinge from the wedge of fresh lime juice that was squeezed in.

Eyeing our barbecued prawns, scallops, fish and mushrooms

My half-eaten dish of plump and delicious mushrooms and prawns


Succulent wagyu beef pieces, crispy prawn legs and juicy beanshoots

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