November 12, 2009


980 Whitehorse Road,
Box Hill, VIC 3128
(03) 9899 2696
Food: Korean BBQ
Date visited: 17th August 2008

One of the most satisfying and fun meals I've had is at Seoulia, a Korean buffet-style barbecue restaurant. For only $26.50 per person, we had unlimited access to a selection of cold meats, vegies, sauces and steamed rice, which we greedily brought back to our table to be cooked on the Korean pig-shaped hotplate in front of us.

Perfect for meat-lovers, the delectable choices on offer include: marinated slices of beef, pork and chicken, chicken rib and giblet, pork belly, squid, octopus, lettuce, sliced cucumber, carrot, mushroom, and onion, seasonal fruit, pumpkin soup (which was cold, bland and runny) and spicy korean kimchi. There is only one rule: You must finish what you bring back to the table, or there is a $10 fine!

Round 1 - Pork Belly, Chicken Ribs, Octopus and Squid Rings. The seafood wasn't fresh and tasted leathery (overcooked?) so we decided to give them a pass for the rest of the night.

Round 2 - Chicken Ribs, Chicken Giblet (far back), Pork Belly, Mushrooms and Marinated Beef Slices - the meats were so sweet and juicy with a lovely char-grilled aftertaste, I savoured them dipped (ok, maybe drenched is a better word - I love extra sauce on everything) into a soybean paste sauce. I also wrapped mine in fresh lettuce leaves to break up the heavy meaty flavours.

Round 3 - Pork Belly, Mushrooms and Chicken Ribs. Our favourites :) We even became inventive and tried to 'stir-fry' the mushrooms in different sauces with salt and pepper! By this stage, we were so full I think Damo hid a chicken rib under a tissue to avoid the fine :-P

The Aftermath - Our squeaky clean pig :-)

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