November 12, 2009

Mornington Peninsula - The Baths, Cold Rock

Today, Damo and I decided to embrace the sizzling sunshine and drive down the coast along The Mornington Peninsula for a relaxing break out of Melbourne. We went back in time to our childhood, exploring flower gardens, playing life-sized board games and getting lost in hedge mazes. The atmosphere out in world of trees, wineries and farms was so tranquilising and the endless view across ocean breath-taking. I felt so touristy, taking photos in awe of everything in sight!
 Playing Snakes and Ladders in The Enchanted Maze (55 Purves Road, Arthurs Seat, VIC 3936)

A firey splash of colour in the garden beds

I wanted to bring 'Eric' home to my garden!

Boiled Sweets and Swirling Lolly Pops from The Amazing Lolly Shop

Whilst driving out of Ashcombe Maze & Lavender Gardens (15 Station Road, Shoreham, VIC 3916) I spotted a wooden post with 'APPLES' painted across it, my eyes lit up and I bursted out "STOP!!!!" for Damo to turn back so that we could explore further. Turns out it was an Apple Farm, not for public-picking, but open for the sale of freshly picked apples. There was nobody in sight, but a large cart was set up, carrying 2kg bags of Pink Lady, Granny Smith and Fuji Apples. Basically, you drop $6 into a slot and grab your choice of apples. I, predictably, went for the bag of bright red, sweet and crunchy Fujis :-)

The Baths Restaurant
3278 Point Nepean Road,
Sorrento, VIC 3943
(03) 5984 1500
Food: Modern Australian
Date visited: 11th November 2009

Of course, no trip would be complete without a scrumptious meal to fuel those hunger pains! We drove over to The Baths Restaurant for a quick dinner before sunset. It is situated right on the main beach - we sat outside on the deck, instantly relaxed by the cool breeze and calm waves seeping into the shore. Their Dinner Menu is comprised of a variety of simple dishes, with many of them seafood-based, which is fine by me! We finally came to a decision and shared two entrees, followed by mains. Everything was sublimal and beautifully presented - in sync with the refreshing beach atmosphere.

The gorgeous view across Port Phillip Bay, from our table!

Tasmanian Oyters, Natural with Lemon - these were soo fresh!

 Saganaki - Grilled Kefalograviera Cheese, Oven Roasted Tomato and Balsamic Reduction. The cheese was oozy and salty with a rich aroma, I was craving more, even after we polised the dish off!

Chicken Breast Wrapped with Kaisler Flesh, Caramelized Peach and Nectarine Couscous - The chicken was tender and fragrant with the smoky juices seeping in from the kaisler, but the couscous could have done with an extra oomph of flavour.

Pan-fried Barramundi Fillet on Mash Potato and Braised Red Capsicum - Lovely textures from the crispy skin, delicate flesh and saucy capsicum. I easily devoured this dish, surprised by how luscious and tart the braise was.

Affogato - The perfect end to our meal :)

Chasing seagulls by the sunset at one of Portsea's back beaches

On the drive home, we stopped by Cold Rock (2391 Nepean Road, Rye, VIC 3941) for dessert. You choose your favourite ice-cream flavour, then select chocolates, lollies, biscuits, fruits, nuts or fudge to be smashed and blended into it on the Cold Rock. Yummo!

Colourful rainbow of ice-cream flavours

The heavenly selection of sweets available for 'mix-ins'

An Oreo cookie being mixed into my Honeycomb Ice-Cream

'Rock A Chiller' Drink with Mint Choc Chip Ice-Cream (Milo and a Flake mix-ins);
  Honeycomb Ice-Cream (a White Chocolate Tim Tam mix-in) and Cookies and Cream Ice-Cream (Cookie Dough mix-in)

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