July 4, 2010

Miyako; Max Brenner

Shop UR2 Upper Level
Southgate Arts & Leisure Precinct
3 Southgate Avenue,
Southbank, VIC 3006
(03) 9699 9201
Food: Traditional Japanese, Teppanyaki
Website: www.miyakocuisine.com.au
Date visited: 26th July 2008

A while back, I booked a table at Miyako for a teppanyaki dinner, but arriving half an hour late, we lost our reservation. Thankfully, there was an available table in the A La Carte dining section. Although the view of the Yarra River was pleasant and pretty from where we sat, it is hard to say the same about the food we ordered. The atmosphere felt very rushed with waiters scurrying from table to table, and not very professional with staff speaking  loudly across the room to each other in Cantonese.

Crispy Duck Leg with Yuzu Chilli Sauce (half eaten), Fresh Oysters with Fruit Chilli & Ponzu Sauce

Prawn Tempura - batter was very thick and oily;
Grilled Eye Fillet of Beef with Sweet Soy Teriyaki Sauce and Mixed Mushrooms - the meat was over-cooked and lost in the thick, rich sauce

Max Brenner
Shop OE5, Menzies Alley
Melbourne Central
300 Lonsdale Street,
Melbourne, VIC 3000
Food: Israeli Chocolate Drinks and Desserts
Website: www.maxbrenner.com.au
Date visited: 26th July 2008

Disappointed with the evening's dinner, we went for a walk across the bridge, over the Yarra River, to Max Brenner for a treat of delectable sweets and heart-warming chocolate drinks. The night suddenly picked up and we were instantly soothed and comforted by the cosy atmosphere and aroma of cocoa wafting around us.

Chocolate Souffle; Belgian Waffle - both can be quite rich to the palate, but taste perfect when devoured with the vanilla ice cream.

Milk Chocolate Suckao (top); White Chocolate Suckao (bottom) - a clever drink where you stir your desired amount of chocolate bits into the milk (warm from the candle underneath) and drink through the metal straw, which doubles as a spoon! Unfortunately, my white chocolate formed clumps at the bottom because the milk wasn't hot enough to melt it completely.

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