September 23, 2010

Rockpool Bar & Grill - Bar

Date visited: June 19th 2009

Riverside at Crown Casino and Entertainment Complex
8 Whiteman Street
Southbank, VIC 3006
(03) 8648 1900
Food: Modern Australian, Seafood and Steak

The infamous $22 David Blackmore Wagyu burger on the bar menu at Rockpool Bar & Grill has consistently been on the high end of reviews, with many even going so far as to declaring it to be the most delicious and best valued burger in Melbourne.

So, fuelled on a quest to try out said dish to form our own judgment, Damian and I found ourselves seated in Rockpool's bar, interestingly ordering everything BUT the burger. As tempting as it sounded, served with bacon, gruyere cheese and zuni pickle, our eyes drifted to other parts of the day's menu to the alluring Swordfish with fennel and potato puree, and the corned Wagyu silverside with slow cooked carrot and mustard sauce. I think that while our minds were set on ordering the burger, our tummies were screaming out in protest, craving a more substantial meal.

Damian opted for the corned Wagyu silverside, which was meltingly tender and full of the flavour absorbed from the aromats in its poaching liquid.  It was paired with a single hunk of carrot, which despite its dull appearance was deliciously sweet and buttery. A punchy mustard sauce was also served on the side to meld the dish together.

On the other hand, I favoured the charcoal grilled Swordfish, which was quite dense and meaty, soaking up the herby juices from the salsa verde-like sauce. Its faithful friend, the fennel, mellowed out with a wonderful caramelisation around the edges, accentuating the sweetness of the fish with its subtle aniseed flavour.

We chose the Potato and Cabbage Gratin to accompany our dishes. Its crisp coating of golden breadcrumbs and Parmesan, and oozy centre of gruyere cheese, creamy potato slices and savoy cabbage somehow lifted our overall enjoyment of the meal.

Although we revelled in such a lovely dinner, we weren't blown away or captivated by any particular aspect. Perhaps the Wagyu burger is what gives the menu its wow factor? Will definately need to return to continue our Rockpool quest.

 Back: Corned Wagyu Silverside with Slow Cooked Carrot and Mustard Sauce
Front: Swordfish Steak with Fennel and Potato Puree
Left: Potato and Cabbage Gratin


glamourette said...

I have been to RB&G however I think their bar food is not as impressive as the restaurant itself. Even the wagyu burger.. IMO

Saucy Thyme said...

I agree with you on that! The service was also really slack in the bar!