February 23, 2010


186 Riversdale Road,
Hawthorn, VIC 3122
(03) 9818 2299
Food: Chinese with a Cantonese/Sichuan influence
Date visited: 3rd February 2010

One of my favourite places to visit for authentic Chinese food with great charisma is Choi's. The dishes are brilliant in the balance of sweet flavours with salty and delicate textures with rich. I've found that the service is consistently efficient and attentive, and the ambience welcoming -  great for a casual lunch or an intimate dinner.

Must-trys are the Chef's Specials of the Day, Peking Duck (each serving is wrapped for you at the table by a waiter), Kang Bao Beef/Chicken (where the meat is traditionally stir-fried with cashews and dried chilli) and Baked Scallops (in their shell with a pork and seafood mix and bread crumbs). Choi's recently refurbished their dining area into a more chic and luxurious space, so we decided it was time for another visit!:

Pan-fried Baby Abolone - this was a chef's special, served with a tangy soya/oyster sauce

From left: Scallop with Spring Onion, Ginger and Pork Floss; Oyster with Thai-inspired Dressing; Scallop with XO sauce on Deep-fried Wonton Skin; Oyster with Spicy Miso

Mandarin Beef San Choy Bao - Mandarin Beef is a dish on the menu, and we got it specially made into a San Choy Bao with lettuce. I love the refreshing crunch as you bite into it, follwed by the savoury juices from the beef as they seep into your mouth, mixed with the sweetness of the capsicum.

Spicy Salted Scallops - lightly fried with spicy herbs and chilli

Kang Bao Beef - juicy fillet steak cubes stir-fried with cashews and dried chilli

Chinese Brocoli, Snow Peas and Bok Choy - wok tossed with a touch of ginger and soy

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