April 2, 2010

Oriental Fruit Salad

To keep cool on warm days, I make a large bowl of this tropical fruit salad and keep it in the fridge for a quick snack or dessert on hand that you simply ladle into a cup or bowl to serve.

You will need:
- 1 Can each of Jackfruit, Lychee, Rambutan, Longan and Palm Seed in Syrup
- 1 Can Almond Jelly
- 1 Can Basil Seed Drink

To serve (Optional):
- 1 Tray ice cubes
(The ice creates a runnier juice, but will dilute the sweetness. It is handy if you are serving the fruit salad immediately, as the ice will chill the ingredients faster)

You can use any combination of ingredients that you prefer. These tinned fruits can be found in Asian groceries and also in the Asian aisle of supermarkets (but are more expensive).

From top left, going clockwise: Jackfruit, Lychee, Almond Jelly, Longan, Palm Seed, Rambutan.

I also used a can of this delicious basil seed drink, which may appear unusual to many but is actually quite sweet and very refreshing.

To assemble, pour the juices from the tinned jackfruit, lychee, longan and rambutan into a large serving bowl. Then pick up each piece of fruit and tear it into bite sized portions as you add it into the bowl (I left the longan whole, as it is quite small already). For the jelly, use a knife to cut it into cubes while still inside the tin, and add to the bowl. Pour in the basil seed drink, palm seeds and the ice cubes. Finally, use a spoon to mix everything together and serve immediately. If, like me, you prefer it to be very cold, chill in the fridge for at least 1 hour before serving.

Oriental Fruit Salad - For a twist, add in a couple of shots of lychee liqueur!