May 19, 2010

"The 20 trends to avoid in 2010"

I came across this very intriguing article a couple of months ago, while getting my weekly fix of The Age Epicure. David Prestipino outlines what he believes to be the "The 20 trends to avoid in 2010," and I couldn't help but chuckle to myself as I read through each point, because even though I may disagree to what was listed, there have been plenty of instances at work where customers are guilty of asking for each of the drinks. I've picked out 10 of my favourties:

1. Mixing OJ and bubbly
"Why ruin a good glass of fizz with orange juice? Just serve half a glass on its own, and leave the OJ to those who really need the taste. Same goes for Midori and bubbly. Eeek!"

2. Having ice with white wine
"Not even on the hottest of days is this allowed - unless the wine is under $5. It ruins the taste and looks stupid. Sink your feet into an ice bucket if it's that hot, and sink your palate into the real flavours of the wine. Spritzers excepted."

3. Sparkling v champagne
"Champagne is the bubbly that comes from the region of Champagne only, in France. That $12 bottle of Jacobs Creek is not."

4. Red wine with lemonade/coke/water
"The only people allowed to do this are Italians - usually with their own home brew because it was made in 1986 and there's still heaps of flagons in the shed."

5. Hibiscus flowers and strawberries
"Sure it looks fancy mixed with bubbly at those B-list parties but, c'mon... They go to waste and then we're left to dispose of them on the floor when no one's looking."

6. Shandy (beer and lemonade)
"While I don't agree with this one, die-hards out there believe beer should be drunk as just beer. Those like me who are partial to beer and lime in the morning (to get through the hangover) should also beware."

8. Umbrellas in cocktails
"They were cool when you were little, because you had something to play with while mum and dad got boozed. Now they just get in the way and look like something from The Love Boat."

10. Southern Comfort and Canadian Club
"The only time I've felt the room spinning the next day was after drinking Southern Comfort. And the only times I find myself brawling with my brothers, is when we're all on the Canadian Club. No can do."

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